More sites for finding info on jurors, lawyers, and others

I wrote earlier about using pipl and other sites for finding information about potential jurors and others — including discovering what federal and state political contributions they had made and which parties or candidates received their contributions. 

While I was at the latest American Bar Association Techshow, Jim Calloway told about a site that was new to me. It’s  It’s a good source of information, and, if you search your own name, you might find yourself mentioned in cases or in articles that you had forgotten about.

Jim always has interesting information on his site, Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog. If you haven’t seen it, take a look.

And, if you’re trying to find someone — or how old someone is – or their phone number – or perhaps even their prior addresses — try Zabasearch. It has an incredible amount of information — and it’s also free.

Here’s an instantaneous way for lawyers (and others) to find someone’s age – - and it’s free. You can also immediately find their telephone number and address

Zabasearch is a new people-finding and age-finding search engine. You can enter someone’s name – - and their state if you know it – - and you will probably (I surmise by my tests) get the year and maybe the month of their birth. You can probably also get both their current and some former addresses and telephone numbers.

I recently discovered Zabasearch in a posting in Genie Tybursky’s Virtual Chase TVC Alert email newsletter (highly, highly recommended). (“The Virtual Chase informs about Web sites and research strategies for finding the law.”) You can find her site at and even sign up in her site for her free new issues.

Genie has additional details about Zabasearch in her article entitled “Scary People Search Engine.” She writes:

“[Zabasearch] goes beyond the typical free people search engine, which provides the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those with public telephone listings. It also reveals private phone numbers and birth dates (mostly the year or month and year).”


She cites to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle which gives even more details. The title of the Chronicle article tells a lot: “It’s impressive, scary to see what a Zaba search can do.” (a site about urban legends) has comments on the results of paying the optional $20 for Zabasearch’s “background check.”


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