Here’s an out-of-the-box way for unemployed attorneys to get new clients

There are now all sorts of articles about how lawyers have lost their positions. Carolyn Elefant has detailed the problem in Legal Blog Watch as has Bruce MacEwen in his Adam Smith, Esq., whom she cited.

As they noted, some out-of-work attorneys have started volunteering to do pro bono work as a way to keep busy and to keep their morale up.

Some time ago — probably at least two years ago — I read an article about a lawyer who was also unemployed. Here’s how he found some work: He called a local TV station — it might have been a newspaper — and offered to cover at no cost an ongoing criminal trial that was of great interest to the community.

He reported from the court and got his name out at least daily. He did a good job and people called him to represent them.

So, get a notepad or some makeup and, likewise, get your name out. And get those new clients.