Newsletter sample

To see a sample newsletter, click here. Before you click, though, please note that the sample is in PDF format. The newsletter is published in columns, and it is thus easily read in print. However, it may be diffcult to read on your screen because of the columns.

Therefore, I suggest you print the sample rather than reading it online.

In addition, I have used Acrobat callouts to point out in red various advantages and uses of the newsletter and I have used yellow in the sample to show court quotations and other information. Therefore, for you to see it best, it would be helpful if you print the sample in color. Printing in black and white works. To read the sample, however, printing in color works even better. Again, to see the sample,  click here.

And, to see a list of the 54 major categories I have used to report cases, click here.

Also, click here for an order form.

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