Lawyers can be mechanically creative

The New York Times recently had an article on techniques people use to show they were busy so they wouldn’t get fired: “Working Hard To Look Busy.” A lawyer in the New York office of an international firm had a creative approach. Perhaps putting aside other issues, he wanted to have the lights in his office on in the evenings so that it would appear that he was working late. But he had a problem: the lights dimmed when he left his room. What to do to trick the motion detector? What to do?

The inventive lawyer had an AHA solution: he put an oscillating fan in the room to keep the lights on.

Do you suffer from “Nomophobia”?

London’s Daily Mail just reported about it in a headline: “Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact – and it’s the plague of our 24/7 age.”

The article continues:

“Millions apparently suffer from ‘no mobile phobia’ which has been given the name nomophobia.

“They have become so dependent on their mobile that discovering it is out of charge or simply misplacing it sends stress levels soaring.

* * *

“Experts say nomophobia could affect up to 53 per cent of mobile phone users, with 48 per cent of women and 58 per cent of men questioned admitting to experiencing feelings of anxiety when they run out of battery or credit, lose their phone or have no network coverage.”